Does Your Spirit Sin?

You may wonder if your spirit sins. Yes, verses in the Bible show that the spirit of man sins. I have only surveyed a few verses below showing the spirit of man sins.

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1. Err of Spirit. Isaiah wrote: “And the erring of spirit will know and complainers will learn doctrine” (Isaiah 29:24; see also Isaiah 19:14). 1The Hebrew text provides: “וְיָדְע֥וּ תֹֽעֵי־ר֖וּחַ בִּינָ֑ה וְרוֹגְנִ֖ים יִלְמְדוּ־לֶֽקַח׃ (Isaiah 29:24).” Isaiah used a Hebrew construct form “תֹֽעֵי־ר֖וּחַ” to describe the error in the spirit. The term “erring” (“תֹֽעֵ”–Qal participle, masculine plural construct) described sin in the spirit. The root term for err was used to describe Manasseh causing Jerusalem to err (“וַיַּתְעֵ֤ם”–Conjunction and Hiphil Imperfect, third masculine singular with suffix third masculine plural) and do more evil than the nations around them (2 Kings 21:9).  Therefore, the spirit sins through error.

2.  Haughty Spirit. In Proverbs we read that the haughty spirit goes before a stumble (Proverbs 16:18).  2The “haughty spirit” (“רֽוּחַ גֹּ֣בַהּ”–noun-masculine singular construct followed by noun common singular) literally goes to the face of [a] stumble. Therefore, although a person may have a haughty spirit, it seems more likely to me that the focus here is upon the sinful, haughty spirit of the man and such haughtiness remains sinful, because it precedes the stumble of the man.  Therefore, the haughty spirit sins.

3. Impulsive Spirit. A man may also have an “impulsive spirit” giving rise to sin.(Proverbs 14:29). 3The Psalmist used the Hebrew construct “Impulsive spirit” (“וּקְצַר־ ר֝֗וּחַ– conjunction with adjective in construct with noun “spirit”). Therefore, the impulsive spirit sins.