Exegetical Psychology

Recognize (epiginṓskō)

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Exegetical Psychology

The term “I recognize” (epiginṓskō) differs from the root “I know” (ginṓskō). This type of knowledge builds upon previous knowledge by linking to the old knowledge. Therefore, the translation “recognize” fits well in many New Testament occurrences. I think of this term by the roots, upon (epi) knowing, or building upon previous knowledge.

Spiritual Recognition of Dialoging. Jesus immediately recognized (ἐπιγνοὺς) that the scribes were dialoging in their hearts about why Jesus had blasphemed (in their view). The recognition happened in the spirit of Jesus. The spirit of Jesus immediately recognized the dialoging going on in the hearts of the scribes. The recognition means that Jesus already knew about dialoging and immediately recognized this particular form of dialoging in the scribes. The recognition was immediate, not the product of reasoning or studying. Immediate spiritual recognition occurred in Jesus (Mark 2:8).

Spiritual Recognition of Power. Mark 5:30.

Pilate Luke 23:7

Soldier Acts 22:29

Emmaus Luke 24:16 24;31

Spiritual 1 Corinthians 14:37