Soul Problems

Soul Not Satisfied. The Preacher observed that man may labor for his mouth, but his soul will not be satisfied. 1Solomon used the term “satisfied” (“תִמָּלֵֽא”)Niphal imperfect, third feminine singular. The Niphal stem (passive voice) here shows that the man working will be unable to satisfy his soul. It will take more than human work to provide satisfaction for the soul. Solomon then explained that what the soul desires is better than what the eye sees. He concluded that  better is the sight of the eyes from the walking of soul, but this also is vanity and grasping of spirit (Ecclesiastes 6:9). [[Solomon used the expression “to walked of soul” (“מֵֽהֲלָךְ־נָ֑פֶשׁ”Qal infinitive plus feminine noun. He then used the term “רֽוּחַ” which is often translated as wind, but I prefer spirit because he contrasts the activity and desires of the soul with the vanity of grasping the spirit.)  Ecclesiastes 7-9. Psychologically, Solomon pinpointed the soul problem of striving for food, but the soul never satisfied–it always wants more food. Even so, the walking of soul only yields vanity and grasping of spirit. The walking of soul means that it walks about seeking more food, but the desires of the soul for food will always leave it unsatisfied. What the sight of the eyes remains better than the walking of the soul.

Hunting Souls. Ezekiel confronted the problem of the daughters of the people of Israel prophesying out of their own heart. Adonai Yahweh commanded Ezekiel to stand against those false prophetesses who sew charms on all the wrists of their sleeves and make veils for the head of all  height to hunt souls. Therefore, we now that evil forces in the daughters actively hunted the people of Adonai Yahweh. The people must keep alive their souls. Adonai Yahweh then proclaimed that He would tear from their arms the souls that they hunt like birds (Ezekiel 13:18-20).

Disdain of Soul. Adonai Yahweh promised to stretch out His hand against the Ammonites because they clapped their hands and stamped their feet and rejoiced with all their contempt in soul for the land of Israel (Ezekiel 25:6.

Bitterness of Soul. Job observed that some people will die in soul bitterness (Job 21:25).

Hypocrisy of Soul. Yahweh warned that some people erred in their soul when they asked Jeremiah to inquire of Yahweh about what the people should do and then they would do it. In fact, Jeremiah inquired and the people rejected the word of Yahweh given to Jeremiah for the people (Jeremiah 42:21-22). 

Heart Thinks. Evil people are as they reckon in their souls. They say eat and drink with us, but their hearts are not with you (Proverbs 23:7).

Strike to My Soul. Saul asked the witch of Endor to raise Saul for conversation. Saul had cut off the mediums and knowers from the land. The witch asked Saul why he was striking in her soul to her death (1 Samuel 28:9).

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