The Meta Analysis of Soul, Spirit, Body, and Mind

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VerseConceptSpirit Soul Heart Mind
▓ Death
Matthew 2:20DeathJesus had a soul and it could be killed
Matthew 10:28DeathOnly God can kill the soul and body; fear him
Matthew 27:50DeathJesus released His spirit
Acts 27:22Loss of soulNot one soul lost
Romans 11:3Seek the soulThey seek the soul of me
James 5:20SaveSave soul from death
Luke 8:55DeathThe spirit of the child returned and she arose
Luke 23:46DeathJesus caused His spirit to go out of His body at death
John 19:30DeathJesus gave up His spirit on the cross
Acts 7:59DeathJesus receives spirits of saints at death
James 2:26DeathBody without spirit dead
Genesis 6:5IntentIntent comes from the heart
Genesis 6:5ThoughtsThoughts come from the heart
Genesis 6:6GrievedGrieved in his heart
▓ Destruction
Matthew 10:39DestroyDestroy soul for the sake of Jesus
Matthew 16:25DestroyPerson may destroy their soul
Mark 3:4DestroyDestroy soul
Mark 8:35DestroySave soul to destroy soul for sake of Jesus and His Gospel
Luke 17:33DestroyGive life to it
Luke 6:9DestroyDestroy
Acts 3:23DestroyedEvery soul not listening to that prophet will be destroyed from among the people
▓ Salvation
Mark 3:4SaveSave Soul
Mark 8:35SaveDestroy soul to save soul
Luke 9:24SaveSave soul
Luke 6:9SaveDestroy soul or save soul
John 10:11Lays DownJesus laid down His soul for the sheep
John 10:15Lays DownJesus lays down His soul for the sheep
John 13:37Lay DownPeter offers to lay down soul for Jesus
John 10:17Lay DownLays down and takes it up again
John 13:38Lay DownPeter offers, but actually will deny
John 15:3Lay Down Lay down soul for friends
1 John 3:16Laid downLaid down His soul for us
James 1:21Implanted WordAble to save your souil
John 10:24Take UpJews souls taken up with question
Acts 15:26Given overGiven over their souls for the name of the Lord Jesus
2 Corinthians 12:15Spend and be spentPaul spend and be spent for souls
Revelation 12:11Not LovedNot loved their souls to death
Philippians 2:30RiskedRisked his soul
Romans 16:4RiskedRisked their neck for my soul
1 Thessalonians 2:8GaveGave over our souls
Acts 20:24No valueSoul no value for the sake of the ministry
Hebrews 10:38Shrink BackGod’s soul not pleased with souls that shrink back
Hebrews 10:39Shrinking Back and PreservingNot shrinking back to destruction, faith to preserving the soul
▓ Qualities
Matthew 11:29HumilityJesus humble in heart
Matthew 5:3HumilityPoor in spirit inherit the kingdom of God
James 1:8Double-SouledUnstable in all his ways
1 Peter 3:4Gentle and QuietGentle and quiet spirit
1 Peter 3:18AliveDeath in flesh, alive in spirit
1 Peter 4:6Alive Judged in flesh, may live according to God in spirit
▓ Feelings
Luke 14:26HateMust hate soul, of not able to be disciple
Matthew 12:18PleasureGod’s soul took pleasure in Messiah
Matthew 26:38; Mark 14:34Grieved Grieved until death
Matthew 22:27; Luke 10:37; Mark 12:33Love Yahweh your GodLove in all your soulLove in all your heartLove all your mind
Acts 2:43FearFear comes into being in soul
John 12:25TroubledSoul of Jesus troubled by coming hour
Acts 15:24UpsettingWords may upset souls
Acts 14:2Stirred up and embitteredJews stirred up and embittered souls of Gentiles against the brethren
Romans 2:9Tribulation and distressTribulation and distress come upon every soul
Hebrews 12:3DiscouragedHostility brings discouragement
Luke 1:47ExultsThe spirit of Mary exult in God my Savior
John 11:33MovedWeeping moved the spirit of Jesus and He was troubled
John 13:21TroubledJesus became troubled in spirit about betrayal
Exodus 35:21MovedSpirit moved them to give for tabernacle
▓ Desire
Revelation 18:14Longing Longing of soul gone from you
Matthew 6:25; Luke 12:22023Food and ClothingSouls worry about food and clothing
▓ Payment
Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45RansomJesus gave His soul a ransom for many

Mark 8:37ExchangeGive in exchange for a soul
Mark 12:30Love YahwehAll soulAll heartAll mind
Luke 12:20DemandedTonight soul demanded
▓ Loss
Luke 17:33GainGain soul, lose soul
Matthew 16:26; Mark 8:36ForfeitSouls may be forfeited
▓ Activity
1 Peter 1:22PurifiedPurified souls in obedience to the truth
Revelation 6:9TestimonySouls under the altar bore testimony
Luke 1:46ExaltsMy soul exalts the Lord
Luke 12:19Relax, eat, drink be merryGood laid up
Matthew 11:29Rest Rest for soul
Acts 3:23HearEvery soul that will not listen to the prophet shall be destroyed from among the people
Luke 21:19GainGain soul by endurance
Acts 20:10In himSoul in him, still alive
Ephesians 6:6Will of GodDoing will of God from the soul
Philippians 1:27StrivingStanding fast in one spiritStriving together in one soul
Colossians 3:3WorkWork out of soul
Hebrews 4:12DivisionSoul from SpiritSoul from SpiritJudge thoughts and intentions of the heart
Hebrews 12:9SubjectionFather of Spirits and live
Hebrews 12:23PerfectedRighteous, perfected Spirits
▓ Suffering
Revelation 20:4BeheadedSouls beheaded because of testimony of Jesus and not worshiped the beast, nor his image, and not received his mark
2 Peter 2:8TormentedTormented his righteous soul
▓ States
James 4:8PurifyDouble-SouledPurify your hearts
Jude 1:19SoulishMockers are soulish, devoid of spirit
▓ Creatures
Genesis 7:22All Creatures died in flood spirit of life
Revelation 8:9Sea CreaturesSea Creatures have souls
Revelation16:3OceanAll souls of life died
▓ Experience
Revelation 18:13CommoditySouls of men traded
2 Peter 2:14UnsteadyEnticing unsteady souls
Acts 14:22StrengthenStrengthened to endure tribulations
3 John 1:2ProspersProspers your soul
1 Peter 4:19EntrustEntrust their souls to a faithful Creator
1 Peter 2:11WarLusts wage war against the soul
1 Thessalonians 5:14ComfortComfort small-souled
Mark 8:12GroanedJesus groaned deeply in His spirit
Luke 1:80Power John the Baptist kept growing more powerful in spirit
Genesis 45:27RevivedJacob’s spirit revived
▓ God’s Activity
Jude 1:15ConvictConvict every soul of wicked works
Acts 2:27Not ForsakeNot forsake soul to Hades
Luke 2:35PierceSword pierce the soul; thoughts revealed

1 Peter 2:25Shepherd and OverseerReturned to Shepherd and Overseer of your souls
2 Corinthians 1:23WitnessGod serves as witness to soul
1 Corinthians 15:45LivingJesus life-making spiritAdam living soul
▓ Inanimate
1 Corinthians 14:7SoullessHarps and flutes are soulless
▓ Unity
Acts 4:32Oneone in soul believersone in soul believers
Philippians 2:2Unitedunited souls
Philippians 2:20Same-SouledNo one same-souled
▓ Destiny
1 Peter 1:9SalvationEnd of faith is salvation of souls
▓ Leadership
Hebrews 13:17Watch OverWatch over your souls
Romans 13:1SubjectionEvery soul in subjection to governing authorities
▓ Living
Acts 27:37Ship276 souls in ship
Acts 7:14Seventy FiveJacob and seventy five souls to Egypt
1 Peter 3:20Eight SoulsArk
▓ Perception
1 Corinthians 2:14ReceiveSoul of man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God; foolishness
Mark 2:8PerceivedJesus perceived the reasoning of people
▓ Saved
Acts 2:41AddedThree thousand souls added to church
1 Thessalonians 5:23KeptSpirit kept blamelessSoul kept blameless
▓ Anchor
Hebrews 6:19Anchor Soul safe with Anchor
1 Corinthians 15:46First not the spiritual firstsoulual first, then spiritual
▓ Wisdom
Exodus 31:3Spirit of God in wisdomTabernacle workers
James 3:15SoulishWisdom of this world
Deuteronomy 34:9Spirit of wisdomJoshua commissioned
Exodus 28:3Spirit of WisdomTabernacle workers
▓ Temptation
Matthew 26:1; Mark 14:38TemptationSpirit strong to resist temptation; flesh is weak
▓ Repent
Luke 1:17RepentanceJohn the Baptist worked in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn hearts back to God
▓ See
Luke 24:37See Spirit?Disciples though they were seeing a spirit and were terrified and frightened
▓ Flesh and Bones
Luke 24:39Flesh and BonesSpirits do not have flesh and bones
John 3:6BornBorn of the spirit is spirit
▓ Worship
John 4:23Worship Worship the Father in spirit and truth
John 4:24WorshipGod is spirit; must worship in spirit and truth
▓ Words
John 6:63WordsJesus spoke words of spirit and life
▓ Truth
1 John 4:6Spirit of truthSpirit of truth v. spirit of error test: listens to apostles
▓ Prophets
Revelation 22:6ProphetsGod is the father of the spirit of prophets
Numbers 5:14; 5:30JealousySpirit of jealousy regarding wife
Numbers 14:24DifferentCaleb had different spirit and followed God
Deuteronomy 2:30Hardened God hardened the king’s heart
Joshua 5:1No spiritNo longer any spirit in enemies because of the sons of Israel
1 Samuel 1:115Oppressed in spirit Hannah barren
1 Kings 10:5No spiritQueen of Sheba saw Solomon’s house
2 Kings 2:9Double portionElisha
1 Chronicles 5:26Stirred upGod stirred up the spirits of Kings
2 Chronicles 21:16Stirred upGod stirred up the Philistines and Arabs against Jehoram
2 Chronicles 36:22; Ezra 1:1Stirred upCyrus
2 Chronicles 1:5Stirred to go upExiles to return to Jerusalem
Job 7:11AnguishJob spoke of the anguish of his spirit
Job 10:12PreservedGod preserved the spirit of Job
Job 17P:1BrokenSpirit broken
Psalm 31:5Commit Commit My spirit into Father’s hand
Psalm 32:2DeceitNo deceit
Psalm 34:18CrushedGod delivers crushed in spirit
Psalm 51:10SteadfastPrayer for God to renew steadfast spirit
Psalm 51:12WillingPrayer for a willing spirit
Psalm 51:17BrokenSacrifice of God are broken spiritContrite heart
Psalm 77:3FaintMy spirit grows faint
Psalm 77:6PondersMy spirit ponders
Psalm 78:8FaithfulGeneration’s spirit not faithful to God
Psalm 104:29DeathGod takes away His spirit and they die
Psalm 142:3FaintMy spirit faints
Psalm 143:4FaintMy spirit faints
Psalm 143:7SpentMy spirit spent
Psalm 146:4DepartsSpirit departs at death
Proverbs 1:23Pour OutDavid poured out his spirit upon Solomon
Proverbs 15:4CrushesPerversion in the tongue crushes the spirit
Proverbs 15:13BrokenSpirit broken when heart is sad
Proverbs 16:18HaughtyHaughty spirit goes before stumbling
Proverbs 16:19HumbleHumble in spirit with lowly and divide spoil with the proud
Proverbs 16:32RuleBetter for a man to rule his spirit than to capture a city
Proverbs 17:22BrokenBroken spirit dries up the bones
Proverbs 17:27Cool Spirit Man of understanding has a cool spirit
Proverbs 18:14BrokenWho can endure a broken spirit?
Proverbs 10:27Searching The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the innermost parts
Proverbs 25:28No ControlCity of broken walls like a man without control over his spirit
Proverbs 29:23HumbleHumble spirit will obtain honor
Ecclesiastes 7:8Patience/HaughtinessPatience of spirit better than haughtiness of spirit
Ecclesiastes 12:7DeathSpirit returns to God who gave it
Isaiah 19:3EmptiedSpirit of Egyptians emptied
Isaiah 26:9SeeksMy spirit seeks after God
Isaiah 38:16LifeLife of my spirit
Isaiah 42:5WalkGives spirit to all who walk in it
Isaiah 54:6GrievedWife forsaken and grieved in spirit
Isaiah 57:15ReviveRevive the spirit of the lowly
Isaiah 57:6FaintSpirit grows faint because God contends
Isaiah 61:3FaintMantles of praise instead of a spirit of fainting
Isaiah 65:14BrokenWail with a broken spirit
Isaiah 66:2ContriteGod looks to the contrite in spirit
Isaiah 51.11ArousedYahweh aroused spirit of the kings of the Medes
Lamentations 1:20
TroubledSpirit greatly troubled
Ezekiel 3:14RageI went embittered in the rage of my spirit; hand of Yahweh strong on me
Ezekiel 13:3FollowingProphets following their own spirit
Ezekiel 18:3New spiritMake yourselves a new heart and new spiritNew heart
Ezekiel 21:7FaintEvery spirit will faintHeart will melt
Ezekiel 36:26New spiritGod will give a new heart and new spirit
Daniel 2:1TroubledNebuchadnezzar’s spirit was troubled
Daniel 2:3AnxiousNebuchadnezzar’s spirit anxious to understand
Daniel 7:15DistressedDreams distressed the spirit of Daniel
ZephaniahStagnantMen stagnant in spirit say that God will not do good or evil
HaggainStirred upYahweh stirred up the spirits of people to work on the house of God
Zechariah 12:1FormsYahweh forms the spirit of man within him
Malachi 2:15, 16Heed Take heed to your spirit
Matthew 22:37; Mark 12:30You shall love the Lord the God of you in all the heart of you and in all the soul of you and in all the mind of youYou shall love the Lord the God of you in all the heart of you and in all the soul of you and in all the mind of you
Luke 10:27You shall love the Lord the God of you out of all heart of you and in all the soul of you and in all the strength of you and in all the mind of you, and the neighbor of you as yourself
Acts 7:23At forty, arose in the heart of him to visit the sons of Israel
Romans 1:28God gave them over to a depraved mind
Romans 7:23A different law in the members of me waging war against the law of my mind
Romans 7:25I, in the mind, I serve the law of God but in the flesh the law of sin
Genesis 17:17Speech and thoughtHearts speak and ask questions
Genesis 20:5IntegrityHearts have integrity
Genesis 42:8SinkHearts sink
Exodus 4:14GladHearts glad
Exodus 7:3HardenedHearts hard
Exodus 25:2MovedHearts moved to contribute
Exodus 31:6SkillSkill in hearts
Exodus 35:21StirredHearts stirred
Exodus 35:21MovedSpirit moved
Exodus 35:34Put into Hard to teach
Leviticus 19: 17 HatesHeart hates
Leviticus 26:41HumbledHeart humbled
Deuteronomy 1:28FollowDo not follow your own heart
Deuteronomy 2:30ObstinateHeart obstinate
Deuteronomy 4:9RemainGod’s work must remain in the heart all the days
Deuteronomy 6:6CommandmentCommandment and heart
Deuteronomy 8:2CommandmentKeep commandments and heart
Deuteronomy 8:2TestedYahweh test hearts
Deuteronomy 8:5knowHearts know Yahweh Elohim discipline
Deuteronomy 9:5RighteousRighteous heart
Deuteronomy 9:5UprightUpright heart
Deuteronomy 11:16DeceivedHearts deceived
Deuteronomy 11:18ImpressedWords impressed on heart and soulWords impressed on heart and soul
Deuteronomy 14:26DesiresHeart desires
Deuteronomy 15:10GrievedHeart grieved

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